Villa Andina

"...With Villa Andina all the days of the year are good days"

Cacao Farmer


Our Business

We founded Villa Andina in 2007 with the goal of developing top quality organic natural health food products which make a real contribution to improvement in the human diet. We created a business model that involves working with the wide variety of bio-diverse raw material available in Peru, and that contributes to improvement in living conditions in rural comunities. This enables us to cooperate with all stakeholders involved in the value chain.

We began selling small volumes of goldenberries to the international market. The excellent acceptance that our product received made us take the decision to move to the department of Cajamarca, in the northern Andes of Peru, where most of the cultivation of goldenberries takes place. Being on site, alongside crop cultivation and harvesting, involved us directly with the local producers, we became aware of other potential crops such as quinoa, cacao, yacon, maca; and subsequently diversified our line of products with these new organic raw material and product derivatives that could be made from them. These experiences have enabled us to establish a direct relationship between the producer and the final consumer.



Produce agro-industrial natural food products and as a result:

Give sustainability to species belonging to Peru’s biodiversity by generating a stable demand for them. Promote the cultivation of high profitability crops, and integrate local farming communities to international markes.
Supply prime quality natural food products with high added value. Develop a business model that can be replicated in future rural development programs.



Be the leading company in the sustainable production and export of prime quality natural food products from Peru.


We insist on our product portfolio being prime quality finished products, and that the farmers we work with have  fields that are professionally certified. Good crop management rewards farmers with improvements in their living conditions.

Hence, our products are supported by the most important certifications in organic agronomic management, and first class quality control standards throughout the production chain: